Monday, August 31, 2009

Dark Over Acadia

Dark Over Acadia by Anne Talmage
published by Magnum Books
Copyright 1971

House of
False Love...

Diana Latham came more than a thousand miles to
Davereau find her friend Lucy Devereau
struck down by a terrible accident, imprisioned in her bed
by paralysis that denied her movement, or even speech.
But was it an accident? Or was it a horrible plot? Lucy's
family seemed to accept the first, and when Diana
questioned other possibilities, they refused to listen. But
the Devereau family carried a dark curse, one that they
could not keep hidden; someone...or something...
seemed determined to strike them down. Soon Diana was
drawn into the maelstrom of building terror... and it
seemed as though her only escape would be through death!

I was SO excited when I ran across this book at a used bookstore this weekend. For me this is absolutely a first. The most bizarre things about this book is not that our cover damsel is in a wheelchair, but that she totally looks likes a dude. (click on the image to get a better look) Very Jack Lemon in Some Like It Hot but he made a more attractive women. The art is signed by Charles Lilly. I am still trying to find out if it is actually the Charles Lilly.

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