Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Death Is a Red Rose

Death is a Red Rose by Dorothy Eden
cover art by Walter Popp
published by Ace Books
copyright 1956


When Cressida Barclay rented the vacant flat in the de-
credpid mansion, she unwittingly become more than just a
tenant of the ecentric Arabia Bolton. The strange old
widow believed her new roomer to be her long-dead
daughter, also named Cressida.

Too soon, it became apparent that someone else was con-
fusing the new girl with her dead namesake. The first
Cressida had died under mysterious circumstances-was
the killer in the house now, anxious to kill again in fear
that the phoenix had risen from her own ashes?

Weakened by terror and by her growing feelings for
Jeremy Winter-a boarder who could be foe as easily as
friend-Cressida lets herself get trapped in a corner cre-
ated by another girl; a corner from which there is no
escape except death...

I was pretty excited when I realized that the cover art on this book actually held a signature. I was ever more excited when I realized the artist was Walter Popp. Born in 1920, Popp spent the 1940 doing comic book art and moved on to book cover and pulp magazines in the 1950's and 60's. Often racy in nature, his art can be seen on covers of Amazing Tales, Fantastic Adventures and True Detective just to name a few.

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  1. This is perhaps the funniest- and most wonderful reason to have a blog! Found you by accident, but I will indeed watch for "women running from houses" at my next garage sale adventure- I think you could really run with this - so so SO FUNNY!