Thursday, August 13, 2009

Olga, the Disillusioned

Olga, the Disillusioned by Katheryn Kimbrough
published by Popular Library
Copyright 1980

The Saga of the Phenwick Women

Olga Duvan was blessed with delicate beauty (and a name as sturdy
as a truck)
, but cursed by recurring heartbreak. On a night of sinister
fog she barely survived a ferryboat tragedy, only to lose
her beloved fiancé to the merciless currents. By a stroke
of fate, roguishly handsome Jeremy Pendergast, friend
and associate of the mighty Hayden Phenwich, was her

But Jeremy was overcome by a strange spell of debauchery
and dissipation (much like Dr. Halpheneffer, PhD), and
eccentric, headstrong Hayden Phenwich beckoned
to him darkly from the shadows.

The shattering upheaval of the San Francisco earth-
quake sealed Olga's fate forever - as a Phenwich
woman. Yet one more ordeal was to follow, a test of
love and courage more final and more terrifying than
all that had gone before ...

As you can see, this cover is a little bit of a twist on the "women running from houses" traditional format. Here we have a look of concern (of disillusionment) on the face of our female fleeing either a looming boat, a sky grown angry or perhaps even a large number of birds. And while we don't know (yet) what Olga seems to be afraid of we do know that it doesn't appear to be getting her old lady dress wet.

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