Friday, August 21, 2009


Ravenswood by Janet Louise Roberts
published by Avon Books
Copyright 1971

House of Intrigue

Forced to choose a husband from among her
many suitors (we've all been there), Catherine Galloway settles
on Lord Simon Ravenswood, assuming
he will soon tire of her and return to his many
mistresses. Instead, he is attentive and
kind, only traveling often to Napoleon's France
on mysterious diplomatic errands. But
there is a mystery in Catherine's life, too...
she is a spy for the British government. (i did not see that coming)

When attempts are made on Catherine's life (i did see that coming) at
Ravenswood's country home on the Dover
coast, Catherine guesses that someone
has discovered her secret. But when Simon
Ravenswood's old romance with a beautiful and
passionate singer seems to spring to life
once again, the source of the threat
becomes far more puzzling, and Catherine
is isolated totally, with no
one to turn to for protection...

Okay, this is probably one of my favorite covers. In fact, I am now inspired to actually read it!

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