Friday, August 7, 2009

Castle Cloud

Castle Cloud ( originally titled The Laird and The Lady) by Joan Grant
published by Ace Books
Copyright 1949

"A sleek, well-groomed novel, moving fast
all the time ... well written and enter-

Mysterious, Shadowy, and Evil...

Traveling alone to France from her native
America, Marylda meets and falls in love with
Rowan Cairdrie, handsome young laird of an-
cient Castle Cloud. After their whirlwind court-
ship and marriage, Rowan takes his bride to his
ancestral home on the lonely Scottish highlands.

Isolated in the ghost-ridden castle with her
husband's enigmatic grandmother, MaryIda,
driven by forces she cannot explain, (my bet is boredom) finds herself
prying into an ancient family mystery shrouded
in a suffocating atmosphere of evil.

Suddenly aware of how little she really knows
about her husband, MaryIda discovers that she
holds the key to a Pandora's box brimming over
with hate, greed, and murder - as the ghosts of a
violent past clutch at her with icy fingers.

CASTLE CLOUD - a distinguished novel of
Gothic Romance and Suspense, now published
by ACE BOOKS for the first time in America.

The art for this cover is signed by Allan Kass. There is a fabulous group on Facebook dedicated to his work where you can view a vast number of his cover illustration. Click here to see their gallery of nearly 600 Kass covers.


  1. Can you do me a favor and show me where his signature is on the cover above?

    Also, it's Allan Kass, not Allen.

    I'm enjoying your blog and love that you have featured my favorite illustrator!

  2. Rhonda: Thanks! I'll get my typo corrected. (Proofing is not my strong suit.)

    I'm not seeing the signature easily on the scan, I will have to pull the book and let you know.

  3. Hi Spectergirl,
    I'm still interested in finding out about if this is a Kass cover. Please contact me at