Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Brand Inheritance

The Brand Inheritance by Dorothy Fletcher
published by Lancer Books Inc.
Copyright 1973

Aunt Vicky
Was Dead!

In bewilderment, Margo Brand heard the
terrible news. After thirteen years abroad,
she has at last returned to magnificent
old Brand House, the scene of her childhood,
and to the one person in the world who
meant the most to her - only to learn that
that person had just died!

But just as puzzling as the sudden death
were the conditions of Aunt Vicky's will ...
and the cryptic message she had carefully
hidden in a bundle of old letters for Margo to
find. Had she been trying to warn Margo
against danger?

But surely there was no danger from her
handsome adopted cousins, John and
Michael... from her childhood paymates,
Norma and Ben ... from the houseman
Pompy or his wife Clara.

Then who was trying to frighten her away
from Brand House ... to injure her ...
to kill her ...?


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