Monday, August 17, 2009

Chalet Diabolique

Chalet Diabolique by Virginia Coffman
published by Lancer Books
Copyright 1971

A Devilish Attraction...

Twice before, Kay Aronson had been drawn irresist-
ibly to men who had wronged her, men who led
her into calamitous marriages...and disaster.
With Leo it had been different. But now Leo
was dead, killed in a mysterious plane crash
near the little-known California spa called
Lucifer Cover. Or had he been murdered?
Out of her devotion, Kay was deter-
mined to find out...

Only at Lucifer Cover itself would Kay
learn the deeper, terrible mystery
behind Leo's strange death. For there
she was to meet wicked Nadine
Janos, fiery Caro Teague,
the possessive Christie Deeth-
women different from her yet so
like her-women drawn heart
and soul to the Cove's fascinating,
youthful owner Marc Meridon.

And then Kay knew she had to
battle a third fatal yearning
-one that threatened not
only her earthly happiness
but her eternal soul!

It's nice to know that Kay gets over her husband's death so quickly. I mean, so many women, while searching for the truth behind their spouse's death, might actually mourn them for a few weeks. What a waste. Good for you Kay!

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