Friday, August 14, 2009

Masque of Satan

Masque of Satan by Virginia Coffman
published by Lancer Books
Copyright 1971

Mission to Fear ...

It was Jean Benedict's missionary
zeal that had brought her to the Cove
- that, and a message from a friend
who had cried out to her in torment.

But what was Lucky Schallert's
plight? Here, at the coastal resort, a
cure was offered for lost romances and
early sorrows, a renewed chance to live
as freely, as vibrantly, as one wished -
a chance, even, to call on occult powers
which offered excitement and balm for
the soul ... but at a terrible price.

Jean Benedict wanted only to help
her friend. But when she met the mys-
terious and fascinating Marc Meridon,
she knew her fight was not for her
friend's soul - but for her own ....


The Classy ads above were bound into this book between pages 120 and 121. Could anything be greater. All true literary types smoke fancy cigarettes and serve their equally literary type friends from the finest of serving ware.

We can only assume the copy of this book I was lucky enough to find was the "Book Club" edition.

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