Thursday, August 6, 2009

Woman in Black

Woman in Black by Monica Heath
published by Signet Books
Copyright 1974

Mansion of Terror-

Julie had come West expecting a loving reunion
with her father, wealthy John McKay. But McKay mansion
turned a foreboding face to Julie, for her father was
dead, and her step-family viewed with hostile suspicion the
newcomer out to claim the family fortune. And when
suddenly the shrouded figure of the woman in black began
to haunt her, warning her to leave the mansion,
Julie did not know who to trust.

But in spite of herself, Julie found herself drawn to
Greg Gallagher, the handsome, brooding man whose name
was linked with so many unsolved mysteries of
the town. Julie knew it was madness to harbor such ardent
feelings about the man who might have murdered
her father, but she found herself caught in a tightening
web of terror. Could she dare express her love, and
trust her fate to this strange but irresistible man who might
lead her to her doom...?

Assignment: Can Julie pick'em, or can she pick'em? Okay, I've never read this but it just screams Scooby Doo. And, so that you'll are never find yourself fooled by some old caretaker in a rubber mask, please watch at least 4 hours of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? and take notes.

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