Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Face of Danger

The Face of Danger by Willo Davis Roberts
published by Prestige Books
Copyright 1972


Sharlee Adams was a girl without a
past, but she learned early in life not to
waste her time wondering about the
family that might have been. She was a
plain girl, perhaps too plain;
unattractive to men, she never knew
dates ... never knew love.

Until the day of the accident-the
accident that left her so horribly scarred
that plastic surgery was a must. When
the doctor operated, he corrected
nature's oversight, and suddenly
Sharlee was beautiful.

The change was unexpected; Sharlee
did not know how to live with her
new face. And then Ross Dutcher came
into her life, promising her love,
bringing her the family she had never
known...bringing her death!

Assignment: If you are plain, perhaps too plain, please go out and know "dates" and know "love". You don't want to go so long in life not knowing these things that your first boy or girl friend brings you death. Flowers are far more appropriate.

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