Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Ghostly Screams of Stormhaven - You had me at Ghostly Screams.

The Ghostly Screams of Stormhaven
by Clarawimberly
published by Zebra Gothic
Copyright 1992

"Don't go up there alone!"

Elizabeth Stevens knew she had been lucky to obtain a position with the wealthy Earl of Chesham at Stormhaven. She was awed by the magnificence of the manor house, and even more so by the master himself - the dark and brooking Derek Vanderworth.

But it was his golden haired daughter, Amy, who attracted Elizabeth's attention with her sad, sorrowful eyes. The little girl had not spoken since he mother's death a year ago, and Elizabeth was determined to befriend her and discover more about the tragic past ... even if it meant braving the fierce resistance of the arrogant Earl.

Yet, it was not until she saved Amy's life that Derek began to provide answers and admit to his love for Elizabeth. But by then it was too late. Mysterious crying in the night and strange noises from the fourth floor had aroused Elizabeth's suspicions... and her fear. There was a madness lurking in the shadows of Stormhaven, and Elizabeth wondered if the ghostly screams she heard might soon be her own.

Wow! This books sounds pretty damn good!

Firstly, it looks like we probably have a whole lot of Jane Eyre going on.

Secondly, we have the brooding and arrogant Earl. For brooding and arrogant I'm more than willing to throw aside by love of blondes. For some assuredly unhealthy reason I've always been drawn to men who are arrogant assholes. (That must be why I get along so well with my husband!)

And lastly, and most importantly, we have GHOSTLY SCREAMS! Awesome. I currently sleep with an alarm clock that makes it sound like a thunder storm is in progress all the time and I can't help but wonder if there is a ghostly screams version. And, if there is, would it help me sleep. I'd like to think it would.

Now it's true that I don't actually believe in ghosts (though I really, really want to) but I also don't believe that a human female's neck could hold up that much hair, but I'm certainly not going to let that ruin the story for me.

As so often is the case, I have tried to find an artist credit for this cover but have had no luck. I really find it strange that even as late as 1992 there are rarely ever artist credits inside the book and that signatures are rarely seen whether they are cropped or didn't exist on the piece to begin with. If I had enough artistic talent to have my art of the cover of a Gothic romance (and we all know that sometimes is just doesn't take that much talent to find yourself in that position) I'd freakin' have my heroine sporting a t- shirt with my picture on it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Lost Lady of Hathaway Manor, a little bit of Sexy WTF & the best author picture ever! - The return of Women Running from Houses

The Lost Lady of Hathaway Manor
by Anne Knoll
published by Zebra Gothic
Copyright 1992

"You'd best trust me, Katherine.
You may need my help.

Forced to flee America or land in debtors' prison, India
Chantelle found herself on a ship bound for London where
her actor father could put gambling behind him and make a
fresh start. India enjoyed her shipboard friendship with
orphaned heiress Katherine Hathaway, on her way home to
Cornwall to await her eighteenth birthday and her
inheritance. Then Katherine made an impulsive proposal:
that the two young women, who looked much alike,
exchange identities for six months. Katherine craved the
excitement of the London theatre, and wouldn't India just
love a long vaction at a stately British mansion, especially
since Katherine insisted on paying off her father's debts ...

But Katherine had another reason for not wanting to await
her inheritance within the walls of Hathaway Manor. Upon
arriving at the gloomy, fogbound house, India was
immediately aware of a scarely concealed hostility toward
"dear Cousin Katherine" who would soon be chatelaine of the
vast estate. And though handsome, brilliant Jordan Hathaway
always appeared just in time to rescue her from the small
accidents that kept occurring, it wasn't long before India
realized that something shocking had happened to Katherine
as a small child - something they all feared she might
remember and reveal - and that someone was trying to
frighten her away ... or silence her forever.

Lost Lady of

As many of you already know a rather complicated pregnancy has kept me from blogging regularly for sometime but with that four months behind me and finally feeling like myself again, I wanted to kick off the return of WRFH right.

Truth be told The Lost Lady of Hathaway Manor holds no real charm for me. Perhaps it is the insipid look on India's face that awakens the conflicting desires to both not care as well as smack her. Of course it might yet again be the idea of fleeing over impossible terrain in a floor length gown. Does no one ever learn? (Though I must give her credit for getting as far as she has.)

But what really attracted me to this book was the killer book club offer sandwiched between page 128 and 129. Zebra Books really looks to have it all going on in this bizarre illustration where it seems that an amorous couple is well on their way to nakedness in front of one of those church pamphlets given out door-to-door.

And there's a riverboat!

Oh, and they also really, really, really want to give you four free books. At least they really want to give you something.

He has quite the round bottom!

But still the best of all is the awesomeness that is the author photo on the back of "The Love Pirate" by Barbara Cartland. Yes, yes, the title is fantastic, seeming to offer an untold number of inappropriate images, but before you head off to Abebook or Amazon just check out the very posh Barbara herself. This pictures looks to have been taken in one of the bedrooms from 1973's Legend of Hell House. Nice!

If I ever write a romance novel, and I totally should being an expert in the field of all things steamy, I want a picture just like this. Except it would have my dachshund Vincent (Price) and I'd be wearing far more fur!

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