Monday, August 24, 2009

The House on the Moat

The House on the Moat by Virginia Coffman
published by Lancer Books
Copyright 1972


The year is 1810. And the fiery young
Irish orphan, Kathleen Killain,
arrives at the 14th Century castle, the
Moat House. Deep in the forbidding
countryside of Kent, surrounded by
murky river, this old mansion is to be
the home of Sir Peregrine and his
strangely timid wife, Nerissa. And this
is the house that Kathleen is to run.

She is joined by Polly Dean, the
white-haired, eccentric old cook who
walks about at night, and is strangely
intuitive about the lurking spirits.
And by the three chambermaids, who
enter their new position with
enthusiasm and innocence-too much
innocence. Another arrival is
Sir Peregrine's uncle, Lord Talford,
an earl who is high above Kathleen's
station-and yet one who must
become her friend, as he offers her
sanity-and perhaps even hove-in what
is to become a situation of sheer doom.

For as Kathleen slowly begins her
duties and learns of the violent, secret
history of the Moat House, she
suddenly wonders what kind of
household she has come into...full
of strange cries and a deep, hidden
terror that prophesies danger.
And maybe even death.

Okay, after reading the lengthy back cover description, I'm not sure a person even needs to read this book. Very 1950's Hollywood movie trailer.

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