Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shadow Over Grove House

Shadow Over Grove House by Mary Linn Roby
published by Signet Books
Copyright 1973


Since her husband's tragic death the year before,
Amanda Harcourt had been living in somber
seclusion in her father-in-law's lonely Victorian
house. And now, this stranger, Michael Kyd, a
darkly handsome man who bore a disturbing
resemblance to her dead husband, had crossed the
threshold and declared: "...it was no accident that
your husband died...he was MURDERED!"... And
so the stage was set for a drama of hate and greed
that would plunge her into a turmoil of malice-
and passion.

Step by step, terror by terror, Amanda learned the
truth about her husband's death. But not before
she was torn by a growing fear of the man she had
come to love...

The art for this cover is signed by Allen Kass. There is a fabulous group on Facebook dedicated to his work where you can view a vast number of his cover illustration. Click here to see their gallery of nearly 600 Kass covers.

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