Friday, September 4, 2009

Nightmare at Riverview

Nightmare at Riverview by Angela Gray
published by Magnum Books
Copyright 1973

Nightmare House

The plantation house was a three-story, white
frame structure wiht a large portico to the north,
a wide versanda at ground level. The porch was
pillared with thin, fluted columns and the green
blinds offered a pleasing contract to the white
of the walls. It was a house built for happiness,
and for many years the people who lived there had
been happy. But now a gray cloud seemed to
hang over the property, coloring the emotions of
Janet Bowen. Her father was dead, brutally
murdered - and the man convicted of the crime on
Janet's testimony had sword vengeance against
her - even though he was locked behind prison
walls, waiting his appointment with the hangman.
And now it seemed as though someone - or
something - was carrying out his threats as Janet,
besieged, could not fight off the terrors that had
taken control of her life!

Again, no artist information inside or out.

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