Thursday, September 17, 2009


Mortissimo by P.E.H. Durston
published by Dell Books
Copyright 1967


Barbara Eliot was young, bored,
wealthy and beautiful. This was her
first trip abroad; she had visited
London and Paris and was spending
the last leg of her college
vacation in Rome.

Her hosts were a charming,
ultra-sophisticated English couple,
and all signs pointed to her having
a pleasant if uneventful time
in the Eternal City ...
until the shattering events of one
horror-filled night. Now Barbara
wandered lost through
the Roman streets with a story
about a dead man that no one
would believe ... shadowed by
a pursuer who would not let
her escape ... and with only
the dubious protection of a
man as fascinating as
he was mysterious ...

I personally think when one signs up for a "Grand Tour of Terror" one really should be prepared be frightened and not look quite so putout about it.

Here again we have a wonderful little various on a Women Running From Houses cover. Here we have our lovely American tourist hiding from some exciting Roman ruins!

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