Friday, September 11, 2009

The Claws of the Crow

The Claws of the Crow by Ruth Wissmann
published by Warner Books
Copyright 1974

"Don't let Veda walk upon your shadow!"
"Don't let the crow clutch you in his claws!"

My timid Aunt Lydia whispered the warnings
when my Aunt Veda could not overhear. But,
these were the hesitant mumblings of a brow-
beaten spinster who trembled before her older
sister. I was young and strong, and before I
yielded to fear, I would discover for myself the
secrets behind the locked doors in this brooding
house, learn the truth about the mysterious
deaths, and feel the hot, heavy weight of evil

So I gather from the cover that our heroine is inheriting either the Psycho House or a Great Aunt's bird. I vote for the bird, as there is always a damn bird when someone passes away that plans to out live us all.

I suspect the Illustrator had just seen Psycho and couldn't think of anything any scarier. It was the house or a hotel shower. The house just made more sense.


  1. I read this when I was 10 years old! I remember thinking 16 was soooo old...that was the age of Althea, the heroine.

    The crow was someone's dead spirit and she hated that bird. She hated the house too and ended up burning it down. No love lost on the house or the crow. However, she DID fall in love with a biker and rode away into the sunset. THE END

    1. OMG! I always love to hear when someone has read any of the books I put up on the blog. It sure sounds a whole lot more entertaining from your description then from the back of the cover.

      The whole falling in love with the biker thing is just awesome!

    2. LoL...I have a huge collection of these books. My guilty pleasure.

      I love your blog!