Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Isle of the Unded

Isle of the Undead by Virginia Coffman
published by Signet Books
Copyright 1978

In the Land of Voodoo ...

St. Cloud, the tropical island where dashing Sir Anthony Fisher
and his beautiful (if a little cross-eyed), wealthy wife, Leslie, made
their home while Tony worked
on his latest novel ... St. Cloud, where native
drums beat out a nightly rhythm calling the islanders
forth for a dance of death ...

And what started for Leslie Fisher as a last attempt to save
her marriage soon became a nightmare of terror as
she helplessly watched Tony fall under a deadly voodoo spell.
Fearing for Tony's life and her own, Leslie turned
desperately to handsome Governor Edmund Durrell for help.
Edmund, devoted to Leslie, swore he would protect her.
Yet the enemy they faced drew on a force much older and more
powerful than any civil authority - a force that once
roused would never let its victims escape ...!

It is hard to believe that there could possibly be any one or thing more powerful then a local government official, but there you have it.

And really, why does one of her eyes appear to be lazy? Unless her lazy eye plays some sort of role in our story I'd think the artist would have changes that. But I haven't actually read the book so who am I to judge. Her eye could play a very important rule for all I know BUT since our back cover synopsis seems to all but tell you the thrilling conclusion of the tale, you'd think they would have mentioned it.


  1. A much better novel than it's sequel "Aisle of the Undead" in which Leslie Fisher, while shopping at the local Rexall for an eye patch, must once again do battle with the menace of Voodoo. The drama is heightened by a love triangle between Leslie, pharmacist Joe Rabinowitz and the Lord of the Graveyard, Baron Samedi.

  2. I would absolutely love to read THAT book!