Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Willow Pond

The Willow Pond by Mary Kay Simmons
published by Dell Books
Copyright 1972


Kate Morrison was glad to get the job as
private secretary to the Bentons, even
though she found their great mansion re-
mote and lonely. Almost in passing, the
Bentons told her of the death of her prede-
cessor, who had mysteriously plunged into
the icy waters of the Willow Pond, deep in
the woodland of the sprawling estate.

At first Kate thought nothing of it. That
was before she found herself falling in love
with a man she suspect was evil ... be-
fore she began to wonder at the strange
medical experiments conducted behind
locked doors ... before she realized that she
must discover the horrifying secret of the
Bentons or else be the next victim of the
Willow Pond ...

Okay, this cover is a portrayal of two extremes. A visual battle between comfort and conflict. Firstly, Kate looks very cozy in her warm cable knit sweater overlooking the biggest pond I have ever seen. But on the other hand, her face looks as if she is sickened, (maybe she has even thrown up a little) perhaps by her attraction to the wrong kind of men. But let those without sin cast the first stone. Which one among us hasn't found are selves drawn to an EVIL mad scientist type.

On another note, I would think that Mary Kay Simmons would have enough pressure trying to sell her Women Running from Houses book on a shelve with so many other Women Running from Houses books, but to have to share your own book with an advertisement for another Author just seem unfair. Especially when the sales pitch is a high pressure as this ...

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