Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good-Bye Julie Scott

Good-Bye, Julie Scott by Alice Abbott
published by Ace Books
Copyright 1975

Julie Scott had never known her
grandfather, but nonetheless he had
left her a sizeable fortune. However,
her grandfather's house was a dilapi-
dated ruin, and his servants, the
Moons, kept her a virtual prisoner.
Then Brian Campbell, her grandfather's
lawyer, claimed her inheritance was
valueless and suggested she leave
Rosemont at once.

Frightened and bewildered, Julie
turned to friends from her past - only
to find that they were an evil part of
the sinister present ...


Back in the good old days when the Surgeon General had ONLY found cigarettes to be dangerous to our health in some general sort of way, there was a place called Newport, a place (sandwiched between pages 64 and 65) that was Alive with pleasure! And in that now mythical place there lived Ontonio J. Gabriele who had no reservation about letting the world know he was the one responsible for the mediocre illustration gracing the cover of Good-Bye, Julie Scott. Good for you Ontonio!

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  1. If you mailed in 5 tax stamps from 5 packs of Newport, they mailed you a 45 of Elton John singing his hist singe "Good-By, Julie Scott".