Monday, September 21, 2009

The Third Spectre

The Third Spectre by Dan Ross
published by Macfadden-Bartell Books
Copyright 1967

to Terror ...

The newlyweds had come home to the
Marchand mansion. But the silent old manor
house quivered with hidden terrors.

Their life together had just begun, yet,
suddenly, it faced a horrible - and abrupt -
ending. For the beautiful bride had just re-
ceived an invitation to die. And the murderer
was near ... very near ...

The best thing about this book, besides the fabulous eye shadow, is the name of Dan Ross. Under that name Marilyn Ross, Dan Ross wrote 32 Dark Shadows novels between 1966 and 1972.

While, sadly, only the cover of the 2nd novel is graced by a woman running from a house, the Dark Shadows book series is an entertaining addition to one of these best, if a little cheap, Gothic television shows ever.

Thought breaking on my cover rule, I'll be dedicating all of October to the Dark Shadows series of books.

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  1. I love any book that uses "quivered" in the synopsis. Also, if you receive an invitation to die, do you have to R.S.V.P.?