Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Man in the Shadow

The Man in the Shadow by Rae Foley
published by Dell Books
Copyright 1953

Season of Evil

It all began for Natalie Garrett as an idyllic
vacation at her grandfather's estate near the
resort of Beach Haven. Summer was over, the
tourists had left, the forest and lake were hers
to enjoy undisturbed.

But Natalie had not counted on a handome
stranger name Bill Brown, his life haunted
by a terrible crime. Or on the mysterious
Swedish count and countess, with their
strange links to a nightmare Nazi past. Or on
the horror that opened up before her terror-
bright eyes as she stumbled upon a secret it
was death to discover, and trembled in the
arms of a lover she could neither trust nor

Rae Foley,

whose novels of romance and intrigue have
made her famous throughout the world, has
created one of her most gripping and sus-
penseful tales in THE MAN IN THE

Wow! The one had a little bit of everything. handsome strangers, counts, countesses, Nazis, I don't know where this Beach Haven resort town is but it is hopping!

I believe the illustrator nailed it here. If you have a lover that you can neither trust nor resist, a white cotton granny nightgown is the way to go. From my understanding it was 1953's version of the chastity belt.

Again, we have a signature here. I'm not sure I have it correct. But looks to read Bloscoma. I have not been able to track down any information on this one.

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