Monday, September 28, 2009

Fear the Light

Fear the Light by Elizabeth Ferrars
published by Dell Books
Copyright 1960

Home of Horror

Peggy Robertson thought she had left the
small town where she was raised far behind
her. Peggy had won honors at college, settled
in the city, and now, despite her good looks
and comparative youth, already had launched
a brilliant career as a scholar and teacher.

But now Peggy was coming home ... back to
a house haunted by violent death and strange
mystery ... back to a man who was a genius
or a devil or both ... back to a love that could
not be spoken, and to a deadly danger that
would not be denied ...

Back to the embarrassing decorating choices of the nouveau riche. Of course if I ever came into any real money I'd purchase my own concrete lion, so I'm just jealous.

Another good thing about money, beside affording concrete lions, is that with money you can hush anything up. Anything, even the scandal of a "love that could not be spoken" and we all know what that is.

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