Monday, August 10, 2009

A Visit After Dark

A Visit After Dark by Daoma Winston
published by Ace Books
Copyright 1975

Her Name
Her Face
Her Husband

Recovered from a breakdown, Mary Tanner Layton
was returning eagerly to her marriage that had scarcely
begun. The confusion was gone; she and Peter would
pick up the pieces...

But Peter was living with his wife-a woman who looked
like Mary. A woman who was Mary Tanner Layton!
And only the terrified girl barely hanging on to her
sanity said she was not.

Who was this woman with her face and her name? Why
was Peter making her life a nightmare from which
nobody would let her wake up-a nightmare he'd go to
any lengths to make permanent?

Assignment: You'll notice that the whole breakdown thing seems to be a bit of a trend in goth romance books. Apparently the "weaker" sex has less of a grasp on their own identities. So please put on a good pair of shoes and start running. You may not have a good grasp on your sanity but you can at least be a decent athlete.


  1. Clearly "Mary" needs to work on her running. She looks like she's standing still to get away from that house!

    1. At least Mary is fairly sensibly dressed for running at night. So many of them wear a full-length gown while trying to flee across hilly terrain that looks like a Royal Marine Commando obstacle course.

  2. Daoma Winston's House of Mirror Images, Secret of Cromwell Crossing (both Lancer), Mansion of Smiling Masks (Signet), The Sinister Stone, and Moorhaven all have traditional WRFH covers. I think some are by the ubiquitous Victor Kalin. But then, I tend to assume every Gothic romance/suspense cover is by him. Kind of like Barnabas Collins thinking every young woman he meets is Josette.