Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Darwich Castle

Darwich Castle by Bettina Kingsley
published by Dell Books
Copyright 1974

Return of Darkness

Darcy Hudson's perfect beauty was unscathed
(well, that's what's important) but the very
foundations of her sanity seemed shattered
by the shocking death of her husband. Painstakingly
the doctors sought to rebuild the stricken widow's
stability, and she thought they had succeeded - until
the doors of Darwich Castle swung open to her. (what, by themselves?)

From the moment she entered the gloomy hallway,
Darcy felt tremors of foreboding. (i'm surprised that
she didn't turn around right then. I would have. I
mean, any sane person ... oh yeah)
The warm invitation
to visit suddenly seemed a cold-blooded jest. (sounds
like a After School Special I saw once)
love for the man who gave it turned to suspicion
and fear. For this place was ruled by a dead girl
whose power reached out from beyond the grave -
and whose instrument of evil was a dark horse and
a shadowy rider that only Darcy could see, as she
felt herself being picked up and borne back into the
nightmare world of madness ...

WOW this book inspires yet another empty promise! I will read this book and report back to you about its total greatness.

The cover art shows no signature only an illustrated lesson on why insane people should avoid heavy eye make-up.


  1. Wow! Are "tremors of foreboding" anything like "bowel-shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse"? Also, a shadowy rider on a dark horses...Bettina Kingsley is a Tolkien geek, isn't she??

  2. Pretty sure this cover is by Enric Torres (VAMPIRELLA, EERIE, etc).

  3. Bettina Kingsley is the pen name [pseudonym/pussydonym] of hack writer Barry Kaplan. There are at least 3 or 4 other Bettina Kingsley gnawvils out there. Kaplan co-authored a novel with Nicholas Meyer circa 1976. Honest Injun.