Friday, September 25, 2009

Nine Coaches Waiting

Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart
published by Fawcett Books
Copyright 1958


coiled in the shadows behind the brooding elegance
of the huge chateau. It lay there like some dark and
twisted thing - waiting, watching, ready to strike.

Was it only chance encounter that had brought
Linda Martin to Chateau Valmy? Or was it something

Now she could not even trust the man she loved.
For Raoul Valmy was one of them - linked by blood
and name to the dark secrets of the Valmy past.

"A wonderful hue and cry story ... a Mona Lisa tale that
beckons you on while suspense build up."

"A gripping tale ... the suspense is upheld to the very end.
... A rewarding experience."

This book makes a good point. When you chose to connect yourself with someone, be it through love, married, or business, you are connecting yourself to their families. So that is why my rule is to avoid connections with anyone with a potential tainted blood line. My husband being the one exception.

No signature on this cover, but a first for show them being pursued
by someone from the house from which they are running. Very nice touch! But she really needs to work on her hiding techniques. And how about what she is wearing, our pursuer appears to be wearing a warm coat and the trees have already dropped all their leaves but our damsel has chosen to run in a short shirt and heels. I personally wouldn't hire a governess that couldn't teach my children, at least, the most basic of survival stills. Please!

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  1. But what about YOUR family's tainted bloodline? I bet you never warned your husband about that.