Monday, September 14, 2009

Alibi for Isabel

Alibi for Isabel by Mary Roberts Rinehart
published by Dell Books
Copyright 1971


To lovely young Sally Fielding, beautiful
and sophisticated Isabel Eaton had seemed
a kind of savior, rescuing Sally from misery
and deprivation, and opening up a whole
new life of happiness and fulfillment. (and plunging necklines)

But now all that was to be paid for. Now
Isabel had summoned Sally back to the old
Eaton mansion that held such horror-filled
memories of the past ... and Sally was
faced with the agonizing choice between
losing the man she passionately loved, or
becoming the helpless instrument of
Isabel's evil ... (is it really that hard a decision?)


whose bestselling novels have thrilled mil-
lions the world over, has in these spellbind-
ing tales of romance and intrigue created
one of her most memorable triumphs.

Apparently Mary Roberts Rinehart originally published this one in 1941 under its original name of Test Blackout. It was again published in Good Housekeeping Magazine under the name The Time is Ten. Again there is no cover art credit or signature on the art but check out her figure!


  1. My guess for the artist would be Victor Kalin. He did several WRFH covers for Dell and Paperback Library in the 1960's, including Rinehart's Lost Ecstasy and Kage Booton's Place of Shadows.

  2. "cover art by Garrido," according to

    1. Thanks for the name! And thank you for the website. I was not familiar with it.

  3. The book seems to be a collection of short stories. "The Time is Ten" was originally published in Good Housekeeping and was reprinted in this paperback under the title "Test Blackout." Don't know if "Alibi for Isabel" and the other stories are new for this collection or reprints.

    1. Thank you. It always makes me a little nervous to include information that I have only 2nd hand but when trying to track down the illustrators I sometimes run into info that seems pertinent to include.

      I think I'll try and find out for sure if this story was, in fact, originally included under this title or another. I do not recall the source any longer but it was listed as having been included in both.

    2. lists "Alibi for Isabel" as having been published in both hardback and paperback editions in 1944 and 1951, and several paperback editions in the 1960's. Still don't know if most of the stories are reprints from magazines or specifically for the book. My guess would be the former. Most of the stories seem to be set during the war, with the women working in defense plants and/or waiting for their husbands (or boyfriends) to return from serving in the military.