Monday, October 5, 2009

The Mystery of Collinwood - Book 4

The Mystery of Collinwood by Marilyn (Dan) Ross
published by Paperback Library
Copyright 1968

Victoria stood on the ledge known as Suicide
Cliffs and stared down at the raging surf and
jagged rocks below.

Next to her stood Professor Mark Veno, a
mysterious visitor to Collinwood. He spoke to
her in a low sinister voice. "Think of all those
who threw themselves from these very rocks."
His eyes seemed to burn into hers.

"He's hypnotizing me," she thought. She was
unable to make herself look away. "No," she
cried. "He's forcing me to jump!"

The Professor came a step closer, his eyes still

Victoria found herself unable to move - unable
to speak. She was helpless as she felt her will-
power dissolve under his evil spell ....

Victoria Winters not only seems to have very little in the way of good judgment, but she seems to be a bit on the simple side. Not my first choice for a Governess.


  1. IIRC, on the TV show, the cliff was called Widows' Hill. Whatever the name, you'd think the local police or state police or SOMEBODY would think to put a fence across the thing.