Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Barnabas Collins - Book 6

Barnabas Collins by Marilyn (Dan) Ross
published by Paperback Library
Copyright 1968

Barnabas Collins, the 175-year-old vampire
who has taken the country by storm comes
alive in this new novel of gothic suspense.

Your blood will grow cold as you read the
never-before-told story of the foggy night in
1899 when Barnabas Collins first arrived at
Collinwood. You'll chill to the full horror of
the real truth about Barnabas - a secret so ter-
rible that it could not be revealed until now ...

BARNABAS COLLINS is the sixth in a series of thrilling
novels based on ABC-TV's popular suspense drama,
DARK SHADOWS. For a complete list, see page two
of this book.

More than once in this series of book Barnabas Collins, our sometimes evil, sometimes not, vampires is referred to as "young", his fashion as "mod" and his plastered bangs as "loosely spilling over". Jonathan Frid, the actor who planned Barnabas was already 43 when he began his role as the evil vampires. And not a young 43 either. I can't help but think that Dan Curtis and the bunch might have thought better of it had they known that Barnabas Collins would become so extremely popular as to be made a permit part on the show until its demise. It is hard to believe that this man would have been chased after by so many woman. Must be that vampire mojo.


  1. "... a secret so terrible that it could not be revealed until now ..."

    What secret could possibly be worse than the fact that he's a member of the walking dead and has to feed on the blood of the living?

    What, is he some kind of pedophile Nazi, to boot?

    (Or maybe he's driven by an Obsessive-Compulsive need to count things?)




  2. Soap fans seem to go for the bad boys: Barnabas, Quentin, Luke Spencer ("General Hospital"), Victor Newman ("The Young and the Restless"), J.R. ("Dallas"). Although most of those characters later reformed and became good guys.

    1. Chicks always dig the misunderstood bad-boy with a heart of good waiting to be uncovered. It's a Mr. Darcy thing. (And it never hurts when they are rich to boot!)