Friday, October 9, 2009

The Foe of Barnabas Collins - Book 9

The Foe of Barnabas Collins by Marilyn (Dan) Ross
published by Paperback Library
Copyright 1969

Barnabas befriends lovely Paula Jennings
right after her marriage to strange, mysteri-
ous Christopher Jennings. He feels protective
towards the lovely heiress because he sus-
pects Christopher is the werewolf who has
been ravaging the countryside. When Chris-
topher is joined by Melissa Henry (the rein-
carnation of the evil Angelique), Barnabas is
certain Paula is in terrible danger.

Barnabas knows he can defeat the evil
werewolf. (well, that kind of takes some of the
suspense away) But will his powers be stronger
than those of the beautiful - and deadly -

the ninth in a series of thrilling novels based
on ABC-TV's popular suspense drama,
DARK SHADOWS. For a complete list, see
page two of this book.


  1. I had this one. The main story is a flashback, set in the 1800's. Maybe the books were in an alternate timeline or something; in the TV series, Christopher Jennings was not evil (although afflicted by the werewolf curse) and he lived in the present time (the 1960's).

    1. While I own all the books I post (well, all but one) I have only read about half of the Dark Shadows books. And that has been so long ago it is hard for me to remember which is which anymore. :( I need to reread them.

    2. It scares me no end that I actually DO remember some of this stuff.