Friday, October 23, 2009

Dark Shadows Dreams of the Dark

Dark Shadows Dreams of the Dark by Stephen Mark Rainey and Elizabeth Massie
published by Harper Collins Publishing
Copyright 1999


Angelique and Barnabas. Lovers once upon
a time, through treachery and deceit they have
now become immortal enemies. To pay for her
evil jealously that left Barnabas damned to
feast on the blood of humans, Angelique has
been banished to the netherworld. Meanwhile,
Barnabas lives a lie, carefully guarding his
hellish secret from the unsuspecting mortals
with whom he lives - including Victoria
Winters, the ethereally beautiful governess to
the Collins family.

Determined to escape her dark
imprisonment, Angelique conjures a diabolical
plan that will make her flesh again. Using her
psychic powers, she will send another vampire
to destroy Barnabas completely. But as she will
soon discover, the powers of darkness may
have found their match in the burning light of
innocence .... and love.

Vividly imagined, grippingly written,
each Dark Shadows novel is filled with the
eroticism, supernatural suspense, and
spellbinding story telling that has made this
classic daytime serial a timeless hit.

Okay, well our covers are getting a little closer to the theme. We have a beautiful house which, for our purposes, we will call scary. We have a bat and we have a man wearing too much make-up posing with a cane in a less than menacing way, but for our purposes we will say that we are being threatened by a cane.

I like to think that in this cover WE are the woman running from the house. Pretty exciting really.

Note to self: Must read gothic romance novels when walking on the treadmill for increased speed inspiration.


  1. I would run from Barnabas too. Well actually I do. I see him everyday walking to the train!

    Cool genre. I had never noticed it before. Ha!

  2. Does anyone remember a DS commercial of Victoria running from the house, toward the camera, when she reaches the camera she stops and screams? I used to see it daily for months in 1967 but other DS fans don't remember seeing it. When the 1968 gum cards came out, #66 was a still of this scene. Anybody remember?