Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dark Shadows the Salem Branch

Dark Shadows the Salem Branch by Lara Parker
published by Harper Collins Publishing
Copyright 2006

As the original Dark Shadows story line
ended, Barnabas Collins had escaped
the curse of the witch Angelique and found
his way back to humanity after two hundred
years as a ravenous vampire. Now actress
Lara Parker, Angelique herself, reveals the
next dark twist in the sage of love and cruelty.

The roots of the Collins family's power and wealth go deep ...

Barnabas Collins is ready to embark on a new life and marriage
with his savior, the virtuous Dr. Julia Hoffman. But when
Antoinette, a beautiful sixties flower child with a shocking resem-
blance to the immortal witch Angelique, rebuilds the Old House,
his past returns to haunt him. Discovering a grisly corpse in the
basement - where his own casket once lay - Barnabas realizes
another vampire has invaded his domain.

Did Antoinette summon the vampire, or is she as innocent as she
is beautiful? And what of her daughter, Jacqueline, confined for
delusions of witchcraft to the local sanitarium?

Back to the corrupt witch trials of old Salem itself ...

Barnabas's fight to protect his family from this new threat will
take him back through time to an evil moment in America's his-
tory. Two hundred years ago, Jacqueline's previous incarnation
was tried and condemned to hang as a witch in Salem.
Desperate, she spilled the blood of her newborn babe to cure her
greedy and corrupt judges - including a Collins. How powerful is
her malevolent curse, and how much of her fate and her witch-
craft does present-day Jacqueline remember?

After a wait of thirty years, the next chapter in the Dark Shadows saga finally unfolds with the full measure of eroticism, spellbind- ing suspense, and gripping storytelling that made the original television series a timeless hit.

This cover is really cool. I think we have a men running from houses cover here. The witch, looming over a sinister house and our poor tormented hero in the foreground. Ah, Photoshop is SO fun.

Best thing about this book ? Lara Parker signed it. Go me!


  1. Witches, Vampires, Curses and the most far-fetched part? Barnabas is going to marry Julia?

  2. LOL ... we ALL know that isn't going to happen.