Monday, October 26, 2009

The Demon of Barnabas Collins - Book 8

The Demon of Barnabas Collins (Dan) Ross
published by Harper Collins Publishing
Copyright 1969

The arrival of a movie company at Collin-
wood gives Barnabas a chance to escape
Angelique's awful curse - the curse which has
made him one of the living dead.

Barnabas meets and falls in love with beau-
tiful film star Rita Gleen. In order to save
him, she introduces him to the mysterious Dr.
Moreno who has a cure for Barnabas.

Barnabas is jubilant over his recover - but
not for long. Suddenly he is in a life and death
battle with another vampire - with Rita's life
at stake. The only way to save her is to return
to the curse once again.

is the eighth in a series of thrilling novels
based on ABC-TV's popular suspense drama,
DARK SHADOWS. For a complete list, see
page two of this book.

Wow, Barnabas is like a teenage boy with how easily he falls in love. Just be remotely attractive and in the same general vicinity and he's head-over-heels. He's ready to confess to you about his poorly concealed "condition", switch to your health care provider and even be willing to get re-cursed all for someone he's known for a week.

They don't mention it but I am just sure the before page forty he's broached the subject of a joint checking account.

I just got access to a couple more of the Dark Shadows earlier books. Even though this will make them a bit out of order, I wanted to included them.

One last thing, don't you think it odd that on this cover Barnabas Collins is staring at his stake and mallet like he doesn't know quite what to do with them? I mean, he's been a vampire for 200 years, it's pretty straight forward.


  1. That is a pretty hilarious picture.

    Also, Barnabas' tendencies remind me of myself from about ages 11 to 16. ::winces::


  2. You'd think that after 200 years, Barnabas would be indifferent.