Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dark Shadows Angelique's Descent

Dark Shadows Angelique's Descent by Lara Parker
published by Harper Collins Publishing
Copyright 1998

Two of the most popular Dark Shadows characters,
Barnabas Collins and Angelique, were eternally
bound by love and hate. Now, actress Lara Parker,
Angelique herself, tells you how it all began.


The dashing heir of a New England shipping magnate,
Barnabas Collins captured the heart of the exquisite, young
Angelique amidst the sensual beauty of Martinique, her
island home. But Angelique's brief happiness is doomed
when Barnabas cruelly deserts her and becomes engaged to
another. Little, though, does Barnabas know of the evil his
betrayal will unleash ...


For Angelique is no ordinary woman. Raised in the
mysterious black art of voodoo witchcraft, she had long ago
pledged her soul to darkness and become immortal. Vowing
to torment and destroy Barnabas, a vengeful Angelique
damns him to eternal life as a vampire - a companion to
accompany her forever. Little, though, does Angelique
understand the depth of Barnabas's fury...

Vividly imagined, grippingly written, each Dark Shadows
novel is filled with the eroticism, supernatural suspense, and
spellbinding storytelling that has made this classic daytime
serial a timeless hit.

Now I promised all Dark Shadows this month but I have run out of the 60's and 70's novels.

I am a huge fan of Dark Shadows, and of the books written by Dan Ross. And, while this one is actually written far better, it just loses the innocence of the old show and book series. It is still fun and Angelique, of course, is a total badass.

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  1. "You've betrayed me and broke my heart, and in my hatred for you I will curse you with ... immortality."

    Yeah, that makes sense ...