Monday, October 19, 2009

Barnabas, Quentin and the Nightmare Assassin - Book 18

Barnabas, Quentin and the NIghtmare Assassin by Marilyn (Dan) Ross
published by Paperback Library
Copyright 1970

Carolyn Stoddard is knocked unconscious
when the sports car she and Barnbas are rid-
ing in skids on a patch of ice. She regains con-
sciousness in Collinwood with Barnabas and
Quentin Collins at her side - but the year is
1870! And Collinwood is being terrorized by a
savage Killer. Carolyn likes Quentin and re-
fuses to believe that even in werewolf form he
could be the murderer. But even Quentin is
convinced of his own guilt. The old family
lawyer hires someone to kill him. Several days
later, before he can reveal the assassin's name,
the lawyer dies. Quentin has signed his own
death sentence, marked for death by an un-
known killer.

NIGHTMARE ASSASSIN in the eighteenth
in a series of thrilling novels based on ABC-
TV's popular suspense drama, DARK
SHADOWS. For a complete list, see page 2
of this book.

I believe I have actually read this one. But even with the moment by moment back over synopsis, I can't remember it every well. The one thing I do remember is that the "sports car" the back cover refers to is a station wagon, Barnabas, it seems, is constantly being referred to as "handsome" and Caroline seems to want to shag her own cousins. Distant or know, ick.

Best thing about this one? Take a look at the mustache on Roger! Isn't it fabulous. Now there's a real man for you!


  1. 1870? According to the TV show, Barnabas was imprisoned in a coffin from 1795 to 1967, and Quentin would have been a newborn baby in 1870. But the books never seemed to have any continuity with the TV series anyway. Maybe they were set in yet another of those parallel universes. One where a station wagon is considered a sports car.