Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Barnabas Colins and the Mysterious Ghost - Book 13

Barnabas Collins and the Mysterious Ghost Marilyn (Dan) Ross
published by Harper Collins Publishing
Copyright 1970

Collinwood is plagued with a series of men
acing events when a ballet troupe arrives
there to perform for the summer tourists.
One girl in particular, the beautiful Diana
Samson, who Barnabas has come to love, (of course he has)
is repeatedly attached by a mysterious, in
visible presence.

When the star of the ballet is murdered,
everyone is suspect - including Diana and
Barnabas. (of course he is) And when several graves are
found opened, the old legend of the invisible
ghost of Collinwood is revived.

As the attaches on Diana continue, Barna-
bas must find a way to stop them before she
is murdered. But will he have to fight a hu-
man enemy - or a supernatural force with
powers greater than his own?

TERIOUS GHOST is the thirteenth in a
series of thrilling novels based on ABC-TV's
popular suspense drama, DARK SHADOWS.

Apparently Collinwood is like the Motel 6 of Collinsport. Everyone comes to stay. Despite all the mysterious attacks by wolves , deaths by misadventure and flat- out, poor hospitality, they all flock to visit.

That must be one hell of a brochure.

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