Monday, November 23, 2009

The Darkest Room

The Darkest Room by Grace Corren
published by Magnum Books
Copyright 1969

Touch of The Dead

Toby had been Anne Gunther's first and
only love - but Toby was three years dead,
killed in a tragic car crash (as opposed to a comic one?)
for which Anne still felt responsible. But was Toby
dead? Or was he still with her, unwilling to
let her know peace as long as she still
lived the life of which he had been
deprived? (sounds kind of like a jerk)
Anne tried to escape to Edith
Allen's country house, but no matter where
she went, how far she traveled, she could
not escape from herself. She saw Toby in
every stranger, in every darkened room,
until she thought that she must be losing
her mind. The old house that was to have
been a refuge soon became a prison -
and then fantasy turned to reality as some-
one in the Allen house tried to kill her! (okay, so was
she even invited)
Was that someone motivated by living
hatred for this girl who was a stranger in
their midst - or was it the ghost of Toby,
who could not rest until Anne joined
him in eternity?

We finally have a woman smart enough to run from a house wearing a sensible matching pant and top active wear set and she doesn't think to wear shoes, or a bra for that matter! Did she leave these items in the darkest room and was unable to find them? Is Toby really such a jerk as to resent her being alive? And, if so, what was Toby's appeal to begin with? I think Anne must just go for the bad boys.


  1. The Darkest Room may be scary, but what a great place to develop your negatives!

    Also, do you think that big, honkin' magic marker "X" will impede her escape?

  2. Question: Why does Anne blame herself for Toby's death, exactly? Was she driving at the time of the accident? Was she driving the other car? Did she cut his brakes?

    If she really is to blame, then why is she so surprised that he's come back to haunt her? The whole thing sounds fishy to me.


  3. Aa - How insensitive, Anne has had the "X" since the accident. She really doesn't like to dwell on it.

    7 - I vote for her driving the car.