Friday, November 20, 2009

A Fear In Borzano

A Fear in Borzano by Willa Jay
published by Magnum Books
Copyright 1966


From the moment she arrived in
Borzano, Sally Grant Knew that
something was wrong. (it's a
wonder she stayed then)
servants were strangely aloof,
the workmen were sullen, the
natives unfriendly. Everywhere
there was resentment against
the small party of Americans who
were transporting the Mazzini
castle to America - and who might
find the gold that was rumored
to be hidden in the castle walls.

but the greatest danger was not
from the people of Borzano -
it was from the something unseen,
something evil, that lurked within
the castle itself. Sally was the
first to sense it - it stalked her
like a soul-hungry demon. And
the time came when her only
protection was a scream!
in the night! (and how exactly would that help?)

Who would have thought that anyone would have a problem with Americans taking one of their country's landmarks and shipping it back home. Those damn foreigners with their "but that is part of my country's history", and their "that is part our heritage". If it really belongs to them, then why did God give Americans enough money to buy it? You don't have an answer to that do you?

This cover is awesome. I would swear I've seen that fountain outside of Collinwood. And exactly how long does a wine need to age in order to taste like terror and death?


  1. As it is the "wine of first love" I'd guess it starts off tasting like that. The wine has to age for the taste of terror and death to be replaced by a more accessible earthy tone, with a hint of oak.

    And while I do remember a couple of my first boyhood crushes being somewhat terrifying, I don't recall anything particularly moribund about them. Maybe after the break-up. Of course there were a couple girlfriends that undoubtedly would have made me want to kill myself if we'd stayed together. I don't think that's what's meant here, though.


  2. This is a very unique site. I have came here from a venture across the seas of time and great distances to be here. I am not a fan of Gothic romances so much. Nonetheless, this site is top notch and featured in my list of outstanding blogs.

    Your hard work and uniqueness I believe is a wonderful asset to the blogging community.

  3. 7 - And that's why I don't drink ... wine.

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  5. DST - WOW! Thanks for adding me to your site links. That is just really cool and much appreciated.

    The great thing about Gothic romances is that all you really need is the cover art and the back cover copy and you've pretty much got the story. That saves time for other, more important things. Like watching hours and hours of Dark Shadows.

  6. You know, I forgot to even mention that Dark Shadows was and is the best of Daytime Soaps. Most watched, ever. I saw it live when I was a kid, and man, Barnabas was and is the man. You know, he's still alive and all. Never dies and one day, he's gonna take me back to Salem. Of course, this is just fine with me....