Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cat's Prey

Cat's Prey by Dorothy Eden
published by Coronet Books
Copyright 1952

'No-one can suggest an eerie
atmosphere and the sinister trifle
better than Miss Dorothy Eden'

When Antonia arrived in Auckland, the voice that
warned her of danger over the telephone sounded
heavy and menacing. It decoyed her away from the
hotel - and while she was away someone searched her

When she eventually reached her cousin Simon's
house, were the noises she heard in the night those of
an imprisoned and terrified woman, or just echoes in a
mind stretched to exhaustion? Surely she wasn't
imagining the light in the deserted wing ... ?

That is two book in a row with someone being menaced via telephone. Do you think Dorothy Eden had some issues to work through?

Our cover artist appeared to have signed their work "GD" but I have had no luck tracking down any information on them. You've got to love the matching eye shadows and dress though and anytime you can have a font color match someone's hair it is truly marketing genius! But, quite frankly, I am disappointment that there isn't actually a cat.


  1. I have an Ace paperback edition of this one and though it doesn't have a cat on the cover either, it does feature a rather sinister looking cat's eye floating around in the background.

  2. i suppose "heavy and menacing" wouldn't come across as well in a text?

    these gals need caller i.d.

  3. Wow! Just one more reason to go to New Zealand. BTW, if someone offers you the "sinister trifle" for dessert, pass!

  4. hauntedhearts - fabulous blog. I have added it to my new links list.