Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Drifthaven by Dan Ross writing as Clarissa Ross
published by Avon Books
Copyright 1974

A Chilling
By An Actor's

When Jean finally regained consciousness in the
hospital, her brother-in-law Ian was at her bedside.
He explained that she'd been lying there unconscious
for five years as a result of the car crash that had
taken her husband Darrel's life.

Darrel had been a successful actor, but a
temperamental one and a hard drinker. Their
marriage had always been a stormy one. Right after
she left the hospital, Jean realized that her problems
with Darrel were far from over. Her husband's
ghost began to make frequent appearances. Jean was
soon aware that Darrel intended to kill her. But a
spirit surely couldn't do her real physical harm ...
or could it?

How many of you are guessing that it is actually going to be her brother-in-law Ian. He wants all the money her dead husband left to her. He probably had control of it while she was in a comma and, after five years, doesn't want to loose it.

But it seems to me that after five years in a comma you are bound to wake up with some sort of supernatural powers. I don't see any way around it. Maybe she can read your thoughts. Maybe she knows what is going to happen minutes before it does. Maybe she can send you flying across the room with only an evil stare. It's hard to say, but one thing for sure is nobody better mess with Jean. And not just because she has a tough-girl, Camel smokin', steal your boyfriend and then beat you up kind of name either.


  1. Not sure what was going on while she was in her coma, but if they had any money, couldn't someone have hired a caretaker? I mean, just look at that place! The siding's about to fall off, and the weeds are just out of control!

    And yes, Ian would be suspect number one. If, that is, you rule out Old Man Whithers from the abandoned theme park down the road. No way to know for sure, until Velma pulls off the mask.

    Also ... Drifthaven? Seriously?

    That sounds even worse than some of the names I've come up with for D&D games. That's pretty bad.


  2. 7-
    I think you're thinking of "The Treasure of Drifthaven" by Gary Gygax with Tracy Hickman. For 4-6 players, levels 3-7. As I recall, the room descriptions never match the maps. Oh! and watch out for the gelatinous cube on level three- it's just a diversion do the Lurker can strike!

  3. Had a blast here!!!


  4. I stumbled across this site, while searching for Mary Stewart's Nine Coaches Waiting.
    This is a great blog. It's not a genre I have read a great deal of, but I do love the gorgeous Gothic covers and great descriptions. And I love your commentary about each title, they make me smile.