Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Faces of Fear

Two Faces of Fear by Julie Wellsley
published by Magnum Books
Copyright 1971

Blood in the night ...

Seacliff House was ancient, a crumbling ruin
threatened to fall into the sea. The locals avoided it,
claiming that at best it was a house of evil and
at worst - they shuddered, and quickly changed the
subject. But Mary James could not change her
mind so readily. She had accepted the job as nurse to
Gerald Winchley in a desperate attempt to
escape from London and she could not let the fears
of superstitious natives drive her back to the city.
Then the first murder was committed, and the
blood ran free in the night. Was it a harbinger of
things to come - or was it intended as a special
warning to Mary? For the murderer - or murderers -
would not be content to stop now ... and Mary
seemed marked to be their next victim!

London must really suck for someone to prefer possible death to being there. I've never been to London but obviously I should avoid it in the future. AAA should start handing this one out as a travel brochure. Sure it wouldn't be good for their tourist industry but maybe London will think twice before being worse then being murdered.

This cover totally reminds me of a Nancy Drew cover. It could be the the upturned eyes, the clean cut look of Mary James or the face that looks to be piecing together clues but it's probably just Nancy Drew's rampant hatred of London.


  1. Perhaps the cooking at Seacliff House is marginally better than the majority of food available in London. I know I'd risk being murdered to avoid baked beans and fried eggs for breakfast!

  2. there's that dang harbinger again.
    loving her eyebrows.

  3. If Seacliff's being a "House of Evil" is the best possible scenario, what the heck is the worst, anyway? I mean, they won't even talk about it? Are they worried that it could be a place of even eviler evil than the ordinary run-of-the-mill evil that's so typical of half-ruined mansions overlooking the sea?

    And more than merely the possibility of an evil more evil than evil, there's a genuine murder. Nice.

    If this place is the only available better alternative to London, why not just leave England altogether?

    Aaron's right ... the food is probably an important factor here. She should go someplace with milder levels of evil and better cuisine ... like Canada. Sure, they eat too much mayonnaise and put ketchup in their mac & cheese, but at least you don't have to put up with Spotted Dick.