Monday, March 15, 2010

Kate, the Curious ... this is just TOO easy

Kate, the Curious by Katheryn Kimbrough
published by Popular Library
Copyright 1976

Sage of the Phenwick Women

is one of the spellbinding novels in the greatest
series of gothic romance ever conceived.
You won't want to miss the others,
all exclusively in Popular Library editions.

The world knew Kate Phenwick as a ravishingly beauti-
ful young woman. (we must assume that is NOT her
on the over)
But secretly Kate suspected there
was more to herself than anyone around her imagined,
or than she dared confess even to those she loved.

Within her Kate felt the spirits of the dead stirring and
struggling for her soul. In her dreams she moved be-
yond the grave to envision scenes and dramas that both
filled her with fear and lured her to press ever deeper
into the dark unknown. From one great Phenwick man-
sion to another she moved on the trail of the mystery
that bewildered her, and the shadowy fate that beck-
oned to her. Then, in the arms of a handsome stranger
from a distant place, she found herself at last on the
threshold of the truth in all its terror - a truth to be dis-
covered only by her surrender to the ultimate posses-
sion ....

God lord, what can't you say about this book. First it cleverly sucks you in thinking that it may be a little risqué. But then, like a bucket of cold water, you are smacked with what has to be the ugliest dress ever conceived being modeled by a most frightening woman. The dress with its horrid colors, terrifying pattern, and gorilla suit fit. The woman with her Crayola eyebrows and Star Trek make-up. I suspect that the house would run from her.

But, I don't what to leave everyone heartbroken with disappointment, so I will share with you another little gem I picked up in a dusty little bookstore out of state this weekend.


My next blog? We'll see.


  1. i have a bridesmaid dress
    just like kate's.
    or two, actually.

  2. PM: You have my deepest sympathy.

  3. SpecterGirl: Wow, is that illustration not ravishing. The girl, for one, has an overhanging brow. Very Paleolithic. Sorry, I like a girl who's lower face might get wet in a rainstorm.

    That Morrow cover is a different matter completely. As you say - That's some cover art! Ravishing, Red-haired, and Ravaged: That's a winning trifecta that pays off every time.

  4. Mykal: And never have a seen an illustrator pull off such a perfect "Hammer Horror actress with a boob job" look. Morrow is a talented man.

  5. You have no idea how much I was hoping that "Kate, the Curious" was about lesbians. But alas, no.

    Also, that "woman" looks startlingly like Michael Jackson. And why is her neck at a right angle to her body? Oh dear.