Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dark Shore

The Dark Shore by Susan Howatch
published by Fawcett Books
Copyright 1965

The Dark

The anonymous voice from the past
whispered into the receiver, "Welcome
home, Mr. Towers. Does your financée
know how you killed your first wife ten
years ago?"

Soon after Sarah moved into her new home
as the bride of charming, enigmatic Jon
Towers, some instinct warned her to run
for her life. Too many "accidents" were
beginning to plague her.

Sarah knew only that her husband's first
wife had plunged to her death from a
nearby cliff, under mysterious and ques-
tionable circumstances. Now someone was
trying to kill Sarah.

So, newlywed Sarah has an inside voice telling her to run. Could it be that some part of her knows that her "charming" new husband had something to do with his first wife's death? Could it be that Jon's home titters on the edge of a cliff. Could it be that she couldn't possible get cell service out there?

The fact is you can't put a biker-chick in white heels and a maxi skirt and expect her to be happy.


  1. "What!?"
    "Wait... Is this PAUL Towers of 1313 Chateu D'ath Terrace?"
    "No, this is the enigmatic Jon Towers of 12 CLiffside way."
    "Oh! I'm so sorry. Wrong number!"

  2. Susan Howatch's The Waiting Sands (Fawcett Crest) also had a WRFH cover. Although she wasn't really running, more like standing on the beach, probably trying to make up her mind whether her husband is the murderer.