Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dark Carnival

Dark Carnival by Maysie Greig
Cover Art by Lou Marchetti
published by Pyramid Books
Copyright 1950


The imposing form of Chateau Trione rose ominously
above a cold, lifeless cliff from which, too recently, a
young girl had plunged mysteriously to her death.

Shirley had come to the medieval chateau at the invita-
tion of her good friend Robert, Count de Revenau. She
had come to recuperate from a broken engagement, to
loll on the sun-drenched sands of the Riveriera and to lose
herself in the gaiety of Carnival time in Nice.

What had she to do with a terrible tragedy that belonged
to the past? Now - with new love so near - why did she
find herself inextricable drawn to the cliffs ... to mystery
... to death? (all very good questions)

Wow, Lou Marchetti did a great job on this cover. It just screams Italian film dubbed in English. How appropriate. Awesome.

Born in Italy in the 1920's, Lou Marchetti grew up in United States, becoming a freelance
illustrator and portrait painter. His illustrations graced the covers of numerous romance and pulp novels and magazines. His art was risqué, beautiful and truly memorable. There are many links to information on his art, including this one where there are posted image of his oil painting by his granddaughter


I want this book!

When he had run through the men in the boat, he had to look elsewhere.

Another fabulous piece!

Um ... I've interrupted you.


  1. A romantic setting with a tragic back story, a dashing count, carnival... all that was missing was a girl named... SHIRLEY.

  2. Thanks for sending me over to look at this Spectergirl. I'm definitely a Marchetti fan.