Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm Thankful for Bi-Sexual Cowboys

I figure most people fall on one of two sides in the sexuality debate. They are either fine with homo-sexuality and bi-sexuality or they are fine with it as long as everyone involved is hot.

Well, The Lady Makes Three has got everyone covered.

I discovered this little gem while browsing the plethora of available eBooks on my Nook.

Now, admittedly my heart belongs to the late Steve Jobs but I have to say that I love my Nook Color. It kicks ass in more ways than I can even count. Hell, if it had a setting for vibrate it might just be the perfect piece of technology.

But I digress.

Since my Shirtless Cop with a Child post for Valentines day, I've decided to start a non-WRFH book holiday tradition. So I decided to share this fantastic little piece of naughtiness.

Yes, the cover really does seem to say it all but why lessen the hotness of this title by judging this one solely by its cover. Especially when the book description was so very kickass.

In The Lady Makes Three we meet Maddy Dalton. A Colorado ranch owner with expensive panties. She also likes being in charge. She really does. And though she longs for the love of a special someone as much as the next chic, the fear of losing control of her life (and her ranch) has keep her from any real relationship.

Enter Lucas Calhoun, foreman of the Rocking D. He has a soft spot for Maddy but fears pursuing such a relationship because of a secret. He finds sexy, rugged men a turn on too. (Don't we all!)

Then there is the best character of all. He is so great I'll go ahead and let the publishing company tell you all about him.

Comfortable with his bi-sexuality, cowboy Chase Reynolds wants a home, but there's a catch. His ideal scenario features a wife...and a husband. Recognizing the suppressed longing in both Maddy and Lucas, Chase decides that bold action is needed. But it's not without risk. Having loved and lost badly in the past, Chase is leery of losing his heart. Can these three people learn to find themselves, trust their hearts, and make a family? And can they survive the danger that threatens them all?

Admittedly the danger that threatens them all is kind of our of nowhere but who am I to judge. I know nothing about the dangers of ranch ownership and cowboying stuff. I will say this though, I don't really buy the sleeping pair on the cover. How uncomfortable would that be. I sleep in a king size bed because, franking, I like the feeling of sleeping alone.

Anyway, if you have ever read this book, I beg you, please, please, please give us your review. You can be my best friend.

Hope everyone has as Happy a Thanksgiving as Maddy Dalton!


  1. My cousin and her husband live on a ranch and they carry guns for protection against rabid coyotes. Somehow I think "the danger that threatens them all" in the book is something more dramatic. Maybe a homophobic lynch mob.

    1. Well, maybe not as exciting as animal attacks but still pretty awesome!