Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Winds of Night Original Art - Identify that Artist!

Hello everyone. I just received a email from Tom who is the proud owner of the original artwork for The Winds of Night by Anne Buxton, writing as Anne Maybury.

Firstly, I should say that I am quite jealous. Secondly I should say that I don't know the artist. Tom doesn't either. Anyone out there recognize this one?

Tom has been kind enough to have posted a scan of this image, along with some other great stuff on his Flickr page. Click the link to take a look. I really like the fantastic Secrets of Haunted House cover. Sadly, an issue NOT in my collection.

Thanks Tom!


  1. This made me think of you. Not sure if you already have it or not.

  2. Thanks KW! That is quite possibly the best cover ever! Firstly, it used the word Gorgon in the title. Secondly, a Queen Anne! Fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing the link!

  3. I am not sure of the artist, but reminds me of the old Nancy Drew covers, the brush strokes and how she looks behind her:



  4. A lot of those Nancy Drew covers were done by Rudy Nappi, and that would be awesome if my cover was by him. I don't think so, it looks a little rougher and looser than Nappi, but I've never seen a Nappi original though. Something to think about.