Monday, August 9, 2010

Night Shade

Night Shade by Dorothy Daniels
cover art by Hector Garrido
published by Pocket Books
Copyright 1976

Alsion, a lovely, young clinical psychologies, was
called to investigate the possible suicide of a cor-
porate giant, Clifford Dalton. She knew of the
dead man's harsh reputation, his last bitter words,
and his recorded threat to return and ruin all his
enemies. At the request of Dalton's relatives, a
medium was brought to a seance, and contact with
Dalton's spirit was made. From then on, his shade
haunted the household, and his maniacal laugh
resounded in the halls. Suddenly, two people asso-
ciated with the investigation were murdered.

As Alsion zeroed in on the truth, she realized that
she was marked as the next victim!

Sounds to me like Clifford Dalton is someone I could really relate to. I'm not talking about the whole corporate giant thing, or even the harsh reputation bit but, while I can't say I've ever partaken of a "sumptuous banquet", eating at Hometown Buffet ALWAYS makes me want to commit suicide.

Now if I was Alison, the lovely (and young) clinical psychologist, sent in to investigate this mysterious dinner time death, I'd say that with Hometown Buffet it is probably better to rule out food poisoning before bothering with the suicide thing.

We have a Hector Garrido cover here. Sadly I was unable to find much information regarding this artists himself but I did manage to find several additional samples of his work. The art sampling includes an absolutely fantastic cover for the Gothic romance novel Lodge Sinister and a cover for a GI Joe - Choose Your Own Adventure book. (When I was in 3rd grade I thought Choose Your Own Adventure books totally rocked!)

You can see more of Hector Garrido's cover work Nancy Drew Mysteries and The Hardy Boys series of books.


  1. I think it's Vic Prezio the name oh the artist that made the cover art for Winter Castle :-)

  2. Aris: You rule! The Winter Castle cover is my absolute favorite cover EVER and I have tried for years to identify the artist.

    I'll get that entry updated right away!

  3. Hehehehehe. I'm glad to help :-)

  4. That painting with the painter guy: TOTALLY what my life is like, on a daily basis.

  5. Rob!: I neglected to mention - the Operation Thunderbolt cover: TOTALLY just like my life.

  6. came across your site. Hector is my grandfather. believe it or not at 83 his is still doing artwork. Anything you want to know. I love his stuff. Hes also done, TIME magazine, gi joes,nancy drew books etc. my email is

  7. Anonymous: WOW - Thank you SO much for the offer! I have loved the few pieces of your Grandfather's work that I have managed to run across. If you truly don't mind, I would love to take you up on your offer. It would give me a chance to share bio information about him on this site. I really appreciate the offer and I will email you shortly!

  8. I put a link to your blog on my blog.