Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carol, the Pursued & NIghts with Sasquatch

Carol, the Pursued by Katheryn Kimbrough
published by Popular Library
Copyright 1979

Saga of the Phenwich Women

is one of the spellbinding novels in the greatest
series of Gothic romances ever conceived.
You won't want to miss the others,
all exclusively in Popular Library editions.

A captive of a nightmare religious cult - that was the
fate that beautiful young Carol Ingraham fled, as she
fought to achieve her destiny as a Phenwick woman. It
was her parents who first put her in the power of the
Shilohite cult, led by a man who turned his followers
into puppetlike slaves, made every woman an instru-
ment of men's lusts, and forbade all contact with out-
siders. It was a savage attack on her person that woke
her to danger, and a freakish accident that let her make
a break for freedom. It was a Phenwick heir who fell in
love with her, yet could not understand the inner
demons tormenting her or the evil closing in on her.
And it was only her own courage and strength that
could save her when she could fee no more ...

The idea of a crazy religious cult is not new. The idea that a crazy religious cult leader would make all the females in his cult there for his pleasure is also not new. But there are two things that stand out to me. Firstly, a religious cult survivor as the heroine of a Gothic romance book. I have never seen that and I have seen a ton of these. And secondly, that these Phenwick men really know how to pick'em.

So, the question is this , is THAT how a sex slaves dressed in ... um ... covered wagon times? I guess it is a well known fact that school marms are naturally attracted devil cults, so it would have been a logical jump for the artist to take.

Still, there is something wanting in this cover. Perhaps it is the lack of robes.

Now I would like to share another paperback I picked up a few weeks ago for the cover.

Apparently the true life tale of a woman assaulted by a bigfoot, I wouldn't want to belittle the tragedy or her pain BUT I feel the cover artist already did that SO it's now fair game.

If I was ever raped by bigfoot and then wrote a book about it I don't think I would give it such a sexy title. I would go for something more along the lines of "I was raped by a Bigfoot. I swear." And, if I WAS going to give it a sexy title, I would also give it a sexy cover. Or at least have the cover artist make me look hotter than THAT!

Okay, I give you that her make-up isn't smeared at all, which seems unlikely in the circumstances, but that hair is terrible.

Also it looks like the Sasquatch is having trouble holding her. He is a freaking Sasquatch! Aren't they supposed to be as strong as shit? I would want to have glamorous make-up, perfectly wild hair tumbling past my shoulders, and the look of near weightlessness.

Also Bigfoot should be hotter.


  1. Bigfoot needs to be way hotter, what woman fantasizes about a beast with moobs and a pot belly. What's with the dopey Irish Setter grin?
    "I was dropped in poison ivy by a were guinea pig"

  2. First book: Rob, Amused.

    Second book: Rob, F*CKING HORRIFIED. I mean, there's Sasquatch slash fic out there? Who knew?

  3. Snidely: Yes, I find that Bigfoot guy really disturbing. I can't help but get the feeling it was drawn by someone who CLEARLY has never seen a Bigfoot, having it be described by someone who has CLEARLY never seen a Bigfoot.

    He just kind of reminds me of that drunk uncle you're told to avoid at family cookouts.

    Rob! I know! I found "Carol, the Pursued" uninspiring but "Nights with Sasquatch" called to me from the other side of the bookstore. That is freaking frightening art.

    Do you suppose there are Sasquatch snuff films?

  4. Rob: I suspect there IS Bigfoot slash/fic, but most of it involves The Bionic Woman. Or *shudder* The Six-Million Dollar Man. *Bwaaa-naaa-naa-naaaaaa*

  5. visiting after seeing you mentioned on A certain Bent Appeal

  6. I suspect there IS Bigfoot slash/fic, but most of it involves The Bionic Woman.

    Probably a lot of it is Jamie Somers going on and on about her sleep number bed.

  7. Not sure about that first cover. You're right, it doesn't seem menacing at all. Where's the threat? Maybe we can't see them, because the cult are all a bunch of Ninjas? Or perhaps they all died of dysentery? :P

    As to the other book ... well that bigfoot looks to me like one of his grandparents was a Moai statue. Also, at least he let her keep he top half of her shirt. It probably gets cold after a night of playing forest bride to Sasquatch. It's not like he's discovered the secret of fire, or someone else would have found him buy now.

    rob!: Rule #34 of the Internet.



  8. "Probably a lot of it is Jamie Somers going on and on about her sleep number bed."...

    'Wow Sasquatch! Your pecs are really FIRM! But not nearly as firm as my sleep number bed. I'm a 37. '

  9. Spectergirl: Well, this certainly lived up to my expectations. And, yes, I have downloaded second cover, you bet. I find the lack of struggle from our well-turned-out victim - and her benign go-go dancer expression - very telling. My God that's hot. I trust I am not the only person . . . perhaps I've said too much.

    I have heard rumors, completely unfounded, that many male hunters have suffered same fate but have refused to come forward.

  10. Heather: Thanks for stopping by!

    7: I like the idea of the cult being all Ninja's. It wold explain our cover girl seeming afraid. She appears to be all alone but she knows that they can be anywhere!

    I also think that if are Sasquatch had discovered fire he wouldn't feel the need to force is affections of any woman. There would be a line of lovely ladies right up to his gorilla style love-nest.

    Rob! & Ghost: If you were to guess, what sleep number do think our Bigfoot is?

    Mykal: Unfounded Rumors? You sound as if there is something you need to get off your chest. Sometimes just saying something out loud can give you the strength to fight your demons.

    Remember we're always here for you.

  11. Spectergirl: Sure. You say that now.

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  13. Mykal: I think that Green Kokicki is missing a rather large porpoise demographic myself.

  14. This was taken from a review of this book on Amazon from 2007 by "duchess"...and I am still laughing at this conversation as well as the book!
    "The book goes on to tell of how the woman scientist learns how to manipulate the sasquatch with sex while the male scientist tries to rescue her, all while he is whining how the sasquatch is more endowed in a certain male organ than he is! How can he ever compete???""

    1. HA! Priceless! That's it! I am digging this Sasquatch book back out and reading it.