Friday, April 30, 2010

The House of Ravenbourne

The House of Ravensbourne by Mary Ann Gibbs
Cover Art by Mort Engel
published by Pyramid Books
Copyright 1964


left Catherine Wittingham penniless and alone,
Disregarding the advice of others and her own
premonitions, she took the position of governess
in the foreboding Ravensbourne mansion.

But the chilling memory of Mary Ravensbourne
lurked in every shadow of the ill-fated house.
And Catherine found herself the terrified target
of unspeakable evil.

A Gothic novel of romance and terror in the tradition of Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt

Ah ... the penniless and alone. You've got to love them. They've got nothin' to lose and no one to protect them. I've got to get me one. Kind of like a canary in a coal mine, they seem to be able to detect unspeakable evil. And THAT always comes in handy.

I like the cover but I LOVE the close up on the back cover. I think our amateur governess would be one of those people who just photograph better in black and white. This cover is the work of the very talented Mort Engel. Below you'll find samples of some of his other work.


The way he seems to not be paying any attention to what he is doing with that ax, makes me glad she's a nurse.

Ow .. I want that one. That is an official "Weird Dude on the Cover"!

Well this can't be good.
Even if no one plans to shoot anyone he's still drinking out of puddle. Ick!

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