Thursday, January 14, 2010

Letitia, the Dreamer

Letitia, the Dreamer by Katheryn Kimbrough
published by Popular Books
Copyright 1981

Saga of the Phenwick Women



Her parents had died when she was young, and Letty lived
with her grandfather (OH, that explains the clothes!) in a
decaying Southern mansion, doing chores, attending ballet
class, and dancing with her friend, Jeremiah.

Though Letty was blind (and again) to the color of Jeremiah's skin,
others were not. Wrongly suspected of an illicit relationship,
Letty and Jeremiah were forced to flee to New York City,
where they were befriended by Letty's cousins. Then they
continued on to Europe, where they would be free to pursue
their careers in the ballet.

For Jeremiah, success seems assured. But for Letty, the
struggle to the top of the dance world promises to be long
and arduous. And now there is a young man competing with
her career, forcing Letty to choose between her one great
love, dancing, and her destiny as a Phenwich woman.

I think Letitia really is a dreamer if she thinks that is a good looking dress. And that open flame! Is she crazy, that lace is apt to go up like tissue paper.

That weird hair style isn't doing anything for her either, except maybe making her head look a little too round.

My vote is for NOT being a wedding dress. No woman, no matter how preoccupied with dance, would care so little about her big day. That is unless it was only a shame marriage for whatever reason, say only marrying to help cover up the sexual orientation of best friend and dance enthusiast.

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